Frequently Asked Questions
Each Christmas season we talk to many visitors and there are questions that are repeatedly asked. We enjoy answering every question each time for every visitor. Here are some samples:

How long does it take to set up? We start early September.

How many hours does it take? Over 500.

Do you take everything down? Yes.

How long does that take? About 200 hours, usually finishing the first week of February.

How many lights? Over 170,000.

How much is your electric bill? Additional $1,000+.

What do your neighbors think? We have great neighbors, 99% support us.

Where do you store it all? Sheds, attic, under house, closets, under beds, and downstairs bathtub.

Did you have to have extra power? Yes, 400 amp service with four breaker boxes, 50 breakers and 100 outlets.

Does anyone help you? Yes, friends & neighbors.

How many years have you been decorating? Started 1999.

How many visitors come by? Thousands in cars, buses, & limos.

Why do you do it? We love Christmas and the challenge of making all this work.
Christmas On Wendhurst Setup
Christmas On Wendhurst Setup