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This is a fantastic house. We have never seen anything like this before. We have come all the way from London (U.K.)

From the mother of a Marine killed in Iraq. Thank you, I needed to believe again!

Howdy, it looks really cool; good job mate. XO from Australia. Merry Christmas.
We came from India to see U.S.A. Quite delighted and stunned to see such a fantastic lighting arrangement. Never before have we seen such a beautiful thing. Many good wishes to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I now live in Torino, Italy and your home will always be in my memory.

What a treat! We are visiting from Luxembourg. Scheng Christdeg! Merry Christmas.... We are the friends who brought them!From just down the road….we’re so happy to see you all here and appreciate the creativity and Christmas spirit! Thanks for the warm welcome and for giving us something beautiful to see.

My family is here from New Jersey. This was a highlight of their visit. Thanks for being so “bright” and cheery for Christmas. God Bless You and have a great New Year.

We always look forward to viewing your absolutely fantastic display. It brings out the Christmas spirit and joy to everyone that sees it! Thanks for providing this for everyone. We can't think of how much time, energy, and love it takes to make this phenomenal masterpiece. Merry Christmas!!

You brighten our family’s Christmas each year. Whenever I need a “lift” during the season I drive by! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I live down the street and most nights I come down with hot chocolate. It is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. It really makes Christmas feel like Christmas. It’s a big part of my childhood memories of Christmas. Thank you.

Thank you! It is part of our holiday tradition to stop by and see your beautiful home! Thank you for all your hard work!. Visiting from Roanoke.

We came from New Hampshire to see your lights. I can now die knowing that I have seen the ultimate Christmas light display.

Visiting your house all the way from Sao Paulo, Brazil, thousands of miles from Virginia but still amazing. Thank you for the treat!! Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!

Merry Christmas! You’ve done an amazing job!! I’ve come from Shanghai, China and this is quite a nice way to end Christmas day.

We are from Germany and we are enjoying the time in Virginia especially Christmastime here. Thanks for this wonderful house. We love the Christmas houses.

From Lake George, NY in the Adirondacks. Yes we live near Santa’s workshop at the North Pole. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping the wonder of Christmas alive. We love it.

We bring our boys here every year and we all love it! They call this home of yours “The Gingerbread House”. Merry Christmas and have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

I think your house is awesome! Out of all the Tacky Light Tour this is my favorite every year. I love the hand made things too! Thank you for your time! 11 year old girl.

We have lived here for six Christmases and every year it gets better and better. My kids know on Thankgiving that it's time for Christmas. We are stuffed with turkey...but we must walk down the street to visit the lights. Thank you so much for the wonderful tradition for my family.

Your house rocks my socks & mittens! Thanks so much for making this Christmas even brighter!

I don't even think we have this many lights in Las Vegas. Thank you! LV, NV.

We drive by here everynight on the way home from work / school. The girls pick out something new everytime. We love it. Thank you.

Feliz Navidad from Colombia! Thank you for sharing the spirit with us!

We just saw you on TV on the Learning Channel. Now it is awesome to see the house in real life! Kool lights, love the lights! 10 year old girl, Crofton, MD.

What an amazing display or as we say in Maine, "Wicked Awesome". Thank you and Merry Christmas. Westbrook, Maine.

What's up Mr. Thompson? Nice work Bro! Well Executed! R.A.B.

Christmas in Glen Allen isn't complete without a trip down Wendhurst. God bless you!

Every year I look forward to seeing the lights on your house. I used to live right down the street from you and when we moved to the new house, the first thing I worried about was we can't walk to the light house. Young girl, Glen Allen, VA.

I'm an exchange student from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. That's so amazing!! I feel so happy looking at it. I love your house!

It's a real visual treat. May it help to raise the spirit of mankind and contribute to spreading the message of Christmas. Kathmandu, Nepal.

We come by every year. This home is "The Christmas Home" of America. I saw it on television. Thank you. Family from Glen Allen, VA.

I love your lights. I come to see them every year. I just turned 10! It always makes me so happy to see your lights. I always get excited when my parents say that we are coming! 10 year old girl.

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Annabelle's Angel at Christmas On Wendhurst