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Stopping at your house is the newest part of our family's Christmas Eve tradition... Thank you Al & Esther for sharing your love and talent!

Its' hardly tacky, just beautiful and inspiring.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for being a special part of the season for our family

Cold tonight, but beautiful as ever!!

Benny the Christmas Banana enjoyed seeing the lights at your home yesterday evening! :)

Thanks for yet another wonderful time!!

Our (almost) 2 year old isn't really into Santa right now, but she LOVES the lights. This was our first visit to see your fantastic display. We really enjoyed walking around and seeing everything. Thanks so much for all your hard work. We'll be back :-)

With friends and family. Happy Holidays!

I went on a Tacky Light Tour last night. This house was by far my favorite! Thank you! Thank you! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Another Fun Year! Thanks guys!

Thank you for putting on a beautiful display! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Wonderful! Beautiful! So good to see you tonight! One of many we are sure!

We are going to make this a family tradition. So excited

I came by on Sunday night, in the Limo, with TOM!! It was spectacular!! I wanna come back !! Talk about making your Christmas BRIGHT!!

Can't wait!!!! We have been driving by every day so that the kids can monitor the progress! We are so excited, this will be the first year we are home to walk over and see the grand illumination.

Great seeing you at Glen Allen Days this weekend. can't wait to see what you've been up to! thanks for many, many years of absolute awe and delight!

What a wonderful tradition. Thanks for all you do we love the lights

Always the best house ....Thanks Al and Esther.

There aren't many things better than hearing a little one say "WOW!!" in amazement! Thank you so much for all you do at Christmas on Wendhurst! Next year will be Laurens turn. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Merry Christmas thanks for the lights our girls loved them

So much fun tonight with Santa!!!!

We can't wait! Tucker and Patrick will be there to share their Christmas wishes.

It always fun to see the excitement of families at Christmas on Wendhurst. The smiles, the wonderment of Christmas on the kids faces. These are special moments.

Kids loved it again tonight as always! Thanks for doing this and for signing Katie's "test". She still talks about seeing it from the window of her old room and always will.

We haven't been by yet because the kids have had colds. looking forward to slipping by soon. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for allowing me to continue our christmas tradition with my son and spreading your christmas spirit.

Hey Al, gotta ask. Whats new this year?

Hi....it's cousin Betty. As always such wonderful work! I forwarded to Andre (Andrew's son) a minister doing missionary work in the Philliipines - he wanted to share with everyone there. Love to you and Esther. Betty.....

Why do you retire decorations-- is it weathering or because a new theme or idea catches your fancy?

Al and Esther...me and Justin came by tonight, house looks better than ever!! see you soon.

WOW, you all are amazing! And, you dont ask for anything in return! Gosh, I'd bring ya canned goods for the homeless or something.

Greetings to the Thompsons! Merry Christmas! your house is the epitome of the Christmas spirit. It is truly one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Your lit house illuminates the dark in our lives. Thank you.

We came by and brought my parents from Ohio, they loved your house of course!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work!

This is why your display is my favorite:) The handmade quality makes it all so more special and unique. I wished I could paint lettering half as well as you do!

We will be there again! Thanks for all you do, Al and Esther.

Thanks for all you do! We'll be there, my kids are counting down!

I was wondering if you guys had issues with all that wind we had. Glad you were able to fix it and help us celebrate Christmas again

I've been here a time or two, well maybe a bunch more.. Thanks for putting on the show yet another year..

This right here is Christmas.

We came in a limo, the whole evening was WOW, but especially YOUR house!

I am from Ukraine. I was near this beautiful house last year in December. It was unforgettable! Many thanks you to Al & Esther Thompson for their enthusiasm, for a wonderful spectacle, that delivers veritable pleasure to both Americans and visitors from many countries of the world.

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Annabelle's Angel at Christmas On Wendhurst