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Dear Al & Esther, I am visiting from Austin, Texas. One of the highlights of my trip was to see the beautiful decorations at your lovely home. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful Christmas spirit.

I feel like a child again, absolutely wonderful!! Thank you for a joyful experience.

This display is beautiful as always! Thank you for displaying the nativity and reminding us all that Christmas is about Christ, The greatest gift of all.

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful home and such amazing talent with us! May you and your family have a truly blessed Christmas and a terrific New Year. This is the best! Family from Ghana.

We took the Tacky Light Tour and you definitely win the prize. All your homemade decorations are so impressive! Thank you for keeping Christmas cheer alive.

Thanks for giving me the holiday cheer I needed this year. My brother passed away 6/21 and it hasn't felt like Christmas til now.

Your lights are always so intricate and lovely and a special Christmas tradition! Thanks so much for your time and effort to make Christmas that more magical!

I asked Santa for a sweater and I got two. I asked Santa for a dollar and I got ten. I asked Santa for something cheap and easy and I got this address. Great job guys. Merry Christmas.

Hey, I was here last week and came back with my host family. I'm an exchange student from Germany. Your house is amazing.

Very well done. Great representation of the holiday spirit. A truly memorable experience for myself and my wife. A never to be foregotten memory.
Pretoria, South Africa

Hi, We're from Turkey. I've never seen before Christmas and your house very nice. Thank you for this. God bless you.

This is awesome!!! Visiting from Alkmaar, Holland.

I came from Ukraine to visit my daughter and her family. I'm amazed how beautiful your Christmas lights are!

Spectacular! We love it. Moscow, Russia.

Thanks Al! Thanks Esther! Juan Conde! TV8.

Joyeux Noel, Grand Lancy, Switzerland.

Spanish: Estoy muy impresionado con su trabajo! Muchas felicidades y que siga adelante! :)
English: I'm very impress with your job! Congratulations and keep on going! Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Reminds me of Christmas in New Zealand. Auckland, New Zealand :)

Everything is amazing! Thank you for that. I am from Busra, Turkey.

I am from Chile and people there don't do this kind of thing. I think it is pretty awesome. Santiago, Chile.

They look wonderful! Thank You! Merry Christmas from South Korea.

We just moved from Boston, MA and was concerned that it wouldn't feel like Christmas here in VA. This house changed our minds. It looks amazing.

Hyvaa Joulua! Tampere, Finland.

Merry Christmas from KUWAIT!

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012!! Love your spirit....so amazing!! All the way from Guam.

Where do you get all the energy? I'm exhausted just looking @ it!!! BEAUTIFUL!!

From Addaide, Australia, God Bless You! Thanks, Mate!

We love your house. Prasdorf, Germany.

Just moved here from Syracuse, NY!! This makes up for no snow! Thanks!

Going to Afghanistan soon. Home on pass and had to come see the lights. Merry Christmas and thanks for a wonderful display. Major, US Army.

Cool house man! You impressed a bunch of New Yorkers tonight.

This was amazing!!! P.S. My gf and I had our first kiss under your mistletoe! :)

Love this house every year! Was looking forward to this the entire trip home from Germany! Thank you! Merry Christmas.

I was here from Sweden. This house is gorgeous! I love the USA.

You put a big smile on our faces when we see this wonderful decoration. God bless you & great job from EGYPT.

Thank you so much for the lights! It's wonderful! Greetings from Malawi, Central Africa!!!

Merry Merry! Joyeux Noel!! Aix-en-Provence, France.

Makes me feel like a kid again! Thank you!
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